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My 2 Favourite Clients

When it comes to my work as a naturopath, I have favourites. There, I said it.
But there are two stand out topics that just float my boat like it’s Noah’s Ark in a flood. I don’t say this lightly mind you, the entire body, every organ, every system, every cell, and its relationship with plant medicine, foods, vibrations, and the environment we live in has me completely geek-ing out at any given opportunity, yet I’ve come to realise that there are two categories specifically that consume me, and if I could teach anything, this would be it; Continue reading

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Pushing Shit Uphill…

Lately I’ve been running the uphill. You know when the morning walk/jog/run/ride hits the uphill and the conversation goes out the window because the effort to breathe and move at the same time, uphill, just leaves no room to talk about it?!? This uphill hasn’t been so much blood, sweat and tears though (thankfully), more brain, pain and schedule stretching. But I’m sorry for the absence. Continue reading

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White-Washed (Part 2): Milk & the Big C.

So we’ve looked at HOW milk depletes calcium and contributes to osteoporosis, but what about milk as a “risky”, “chemical carcinogen”…??

In the last post I mentioned that many milk related research articles had focused on less than pleasant conditions. One of these unpleasant conditions is intestinal bleeding and it occurs mostly in infants and young children, often times leading to iron-deficient anemia.
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White-Washed: What the dairy industry doesn’t want you to know!

“Milk is a great source of calcium”…
“Milk is important for strong bones and teeth”…
“Kids need milk to grow up to be big and strong”…

How would you feel if I told you that all of the above statements were lies? Big, fat, dirty, extremely dangerous, and very well funded lies? And that between 1988 – 1993 of the 2,700 research articles investigating milk that were recorded in medical archives in just the US alone, NONE of the researchers advised that milk was a good, great, or even excellent food for humans.

(Want to know what the real focus of those research articles were…?? Intestinal bleeding, bovine leukemia, asthma, heart disease, childhood diabetes, anemia, allergic reactions, arthritis and cancer!)

Still Got Milk? Continue reading

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Some Deo for your B.O??

Ah deodorant, one of modern life’s little luxuries. And one that we often take for granted until we are within close proximity of someone not using it on a hot summers day! Ooh yeah!
As far as personal care products go this is generally the first one to pop into our daily routines, and with the recent start of the school year I have heard from countless parents that their young daughter or son has started to notice that they smell a little bit under there, and they are starting to feel a little self-conscious, so have been asking if they can buy some deodorant. What strikes me is how many parents are caught off guard with how much earlier their own children are developing Continue reading