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DIY: Sauerkraut

There is more talk and certainly more awareness centred around the importance of probiotics and their absolute necessity to life as we know it these days, and the conversation invariably turns to fermented foods and how these can be incorporated into the diet. (I myself have just finished writing an article for Willow magazine on the importance of probiotic use before, during and after pregnancy).
One of the most well known fermented foods that is making quite a comeback from its traditional beginnings is sauerkraut, and it’s a great starting place for many people as it can easily be incorporated into your meals and works well as a side dish to many foods. It’s also ridiculously easy to make! YAY! Continue reading

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Resolutions Going Strong

New Years resolutions hey… who thought I’d actually still be talking about it in February!?! Well, surprisingly this year I’ve stuck at it and I’m damn proud at that! And rather than just deciding NOT to do something I thought I’d update you on the progress that has taken place, well, in place of doing just that.

For those unaware my New Years resolution was to stop shopping at Woolworths and Coles. Woohoo! And this is surprisingly turning out to be SO much easier than I thought. So without further ado these are the steps I have taken so far that are bringing more joy to my life than those horrible chain-gangs ever did; Continue reading

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Goodbye Coles & Woolworths…

This year’s resolution was BOLD, it was out there, it was serious. It had fore thought, insight, and a month before the new year dawned I put it out there, I told people, I owned it, I planned on doing some preparation…. then it was New Years Day.

On the way home from watching the sunrise on the beach I decided a couple of extra breakfast ingredients would add nicely to the decadence of heralding in another year. Which is when my partner reminded me… No Coles or Woolworths, remember!!??! Oh crap, yes, it’s January 1st. No Coles or Woolworths.

And so it was. The resolution came to be without so much as a farewell impulse shop. Or a fresh load of toilet paper. Continue reading

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Flash Back to last NY

So at the end of each year I go through a pretty amazing ritual of Celebrating and Releasing the year that has been, before embarking on an invocation of all the good stuff for the coming year. (If you’d like to know more about this powerful and proven process of “Creating Your Shining Year” just click here for more info).

During this process I also look back over what was written the previous year; I find this serves as something of a nice way-point or marker, showing me how far I have travelled in pursuit of my dreams, but also reminding me of the things I may not have achieved or accomplished yet, thus giving me the choice of whether to continue pursuing them or to release them to the Universe.

It was in doing this that I came across Continue reading

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Lighting up Frustration

Why do I have so much trouble figuring out what to write?

Is it perfectionist tendencies or just excuses? Simmering frustration or eternal procrastination?

I want to educate the world. help people to know their bodies, to know their minds, to feel alive, healthy, vibrant, radiant.

I want people to be more self reliant, I want people to know their power, their strength, to reclaim their greatness and to start behaving like the divine beings that they are. Continue reading