I’m Nikki,  

I am deeply fascinated by the human body
– that a community with a population of 300 trillion (cells) can actually work TOGETHER, in harmony, in unison, cooperating, striving for health, wellbeing and the longevity of their environment.
I am committed to exploration, understanding, tuning in and navigating a path to wellness.


I am in awe of Mother Nature – that she has existed 225,000 times LONGER than humans, and in her lifetime she has experienced many incarnations and periods with completely different life-forms on her surface. She does not depend on us. We depend on her. We need nature, and in nature we thrive. The bounty she provides is breathtaking, and needs to be preserved.
I am committed to living sustainably, gently, teaching awareness, striving to reduce my waste and increase my connection to the earth.


I am mesmerised by the unseen – the animating force, the essence, the awareness that makes us human. The human mind, the spirit, and that our very thoughts, feelings and emotions can actually influence cellular structure, the physical nature of our bodies, that is simply magnificent.
I am committed to practicing, to listening, to expanding, and sharing the fullness of the human experience.


I am multi-passionate and love learning – I have trained in many healing and helping modalities and enjoy playing with traditional remedies, herbs, nutrients, essences, essential oils, diet, and lifestyle elements to find the sweet-spot on the path to wellness. This sweet-spot is different for everyone and I delight in the intricacies and nuances of being individuals and helping to guide others on their own path.
I am committed to educating and demonstrating how life can be lived easily, nutritiously and vibrantly, empowering you with the tools take care of yourself and your family at any time.


I am here to help – my mission is to change the world. Pretty lofty I know but I don’t think it’s impossible. Even the word says, I’m Possible! If I can guide you to elevate your health and wellbeing, show you a path to a life that you’re bouncing out of bed to live, I can bet you’ll show up in a better way for everyone else in your life too. You can be an example of true, holistic health. With your knowledge you can bring awareness to others. You will be a better you. And a better anyone has a ripple effect on everyone.
I am committed to promoting health, to shining a light on routine, to starting ‘those’ conversations, and to not sugar coating the truth. I am committed to respect and encouragement.


But enough about me, I’m here to learn about you.

What do you want to know, learn or discuss? Why are you here? How can I serve you?



How do I serve?

I am available for private consultations at my home clinic in Ninderry, situated in the treetops and overlooking our forest on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, also in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales by appointment, and I conduct Skype consultations for clients outside of these areas.
I also research, write for various publications, enjoy teaching small groups and running retreats.

My treatments combine many modalities and I use a combination of; traditional remedies, plant medicines, essences, supplemental vitamins, minerals and nutrients, dietary adjustments, lifestyle tweaks, healing essential oils, and plenty of education and motivation to guide you to empowered and sustained wellness.

I want to help you understand the nature of your body, listen to what it’s trying to tell you, really listen, and then chart a course to re-correct and reconnect. 

Wanna chat?

Contact me above or via email: info(at)nikkifischer(dot)com to schedule a free 10min phone call, and let’s find out if we’d make a good team. No strings attached. 


And just in case you were wondering….. my qualifications include:

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (AdvDipNat- 2006)
Diploma of Nutrition (DipNut – 2005)
Certificate IV in Remedial Massage (CertIVRM – 2004)
Reiki Master (Usui Tradition)
Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development (2011)

Currently diving deeper into: animal health, nutrition & natural therapies, and cannabinology.

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