EAT: House of the Rising Bun

“Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye” Miyamoto Musashi

I’m a menu reader. It’s just what I do. Some find it irritating, others will never notice.
If you ever have the pleasure of dining out with me you may notice that I read each and every item on the menu. It’s not just a skim or glance, I read the full description. This not only gives me a pretty good indication of the level of dedication, creativity and culinary prowess of the kitchen (hopefully), but it gives me an idea of how many ingredients they’ve got going on, the different methods of cooking, how much effort and forethought goes into creating the dishes, and most importantly it means that I can make an educated choice on what I would like to order. It can also often be outrageously funny when eating food from non-English speaking cultures!  Continue reading