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White-Washed (Part 2): Milk & the Big C.

So we’ve looked at HOW milk depletes calcium and contributes to osteoporosis, but what about milk as a “risky”, “chemical carcinogen”…??

In the last post I mentioned that many milk related research articles had focused on less than pleasant conditions. One of these unpleasant conditions is intestinal bleeding and it occurs mostly in infants and young children, often times leading to iron-deficient anemia.
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Take Responsibility: Love your Prostate!

To some the following information may seem shocking, to others, myself included somehow it feels like… finally! The fact that we seem to need scientific studies to back up millennia of empirical results, and what should be (and used to be) common sense still frustrates me, and from time to time feels like an insult to our human, ancestral, biological intelligence. Continue reading