White-Washed (Part 2): Milk & the Big C.

So we’ve looked at HOW milk depletes calcium and contributes to osteoporosis, but what about milk as a “risky”, “chemical carcinogen”…??

In the last post I mentioned that many milk related research articles had focused on less than pleasant conditions. One of these unpleasant conditions is intestinal bleeding and it occurs mostly in infants and young children, often times leading to iron-deficient anemia.
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White-Washed: What the dairy industry doesn’t want you to know!

“Milk is a great source of calcium”…
“Milk is important for strong bones and teeth”…
“Kids need milk to grow up to be big and strong”…

How would you feel if I told you that all of the above statements were lies? Big, fat, dirty, extremely dangerous, and very well funded lies? And that between 1988 – 1993 of the 2,700 research articles investigating milk that were recorded in medical archives in just the US alone, NONE of the researchers advised that milk was a good, great, or even excellent food for humans.

(Want to know what the real focus of those research articles were…?? Intestinal bleeding, bovine leukemia, asthma, heart disease, childhood diabetes, anemia, allergic reactions, arthritis and cancer!)

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