CAMP: Take 2 Tinaroo – Predatorial Kookaburras!

So following on from our fabulous couple of days in the Goldsborough Valley, Alex and I headed up to Lake Tinaroo. Also known as Tinaroo Dam, this giant lake was constructed in the 1950’s on the Barron River. The dam traps enough water to create a lake 3/4 of the size of Sydney Harbour and with 200km of shoreline provides a watery playground for sailing, water-skiing, house-boating, swimming, jet skiing, and fishing. The lake is quite famous for its barramundi, and these fish can grow to epic proportions due to a lack of natural predators (other than the occasional speed boat!). A lack of access to salt water however leaves them unable to breed in this environment. To combat this the Walkamin Research Station is responsible for stocking the lake with fresh baby ‘barra’ each year, keeping the fisherman very happy!!

The scenic surrounds provide a beautiful backdrop for hiking, treking and camping, although with constant rain and drizzle Continue reading