MUSE: Tricka Technology…

So I was going to start this post with some new kitchen creations, and then see if I had space remaining to give a few non-culinary updates. I’ve now decided to go the other way around.

So this story begins last night, with losing my phone. My beautiful shiny new Iphone 4. It fell out of my pocket during a large function I was working at; in the dark, in the park. I was in and around an enormous circus tent filled with people, back and forth from a kitchen tent filled with more people, mess, water, food waste, and furniture, and went to the toilet a couple of times too! Great!

Now if it had been a little prepaid budget phone with a few number etc etc maybe (just maybe) it wouldn’t have stung so hard! I have to admit that in a society filled with pressure to be more organised, more connected, more up to date, more in-tune and available 24/7 I for one had succumb Continue reading