LEARN: Water Water everywhere but not a drop to drink…

So I’ve been reading a bit about water lately, our voracious appetite for it, the nonchalance with which we waste it, and the devastating over-consumption that is already starting to crack the land and our lives beneath us.

But I just turn on the tap and it’s always there… but it seems like it rains pretty often… There’s no water restrictions at the moment so it can’t be that bad…

One of the critical elements that the average urban dweller tends to forget/neglect/hasn’t realised yet is that most of the fresh water on Earth is used in food production. About 70% actually is used for irrigation purposes, 20% for Continue reading

GIVE BACK: Water with thanks.

I’m not generally a fan of bottled water. I find it terribly wasteful, particularly in a country with an abundance of safe water coming straight out of the tap! I personally filter mine first, (and am secretly in love with my sisters PiMag filter unit) and with such a large range of home and personal filtration units available, as well as reusable bottles made from materials such as stainless steel, glass, BPA free plastics, bamboo and others I just don’t understand this insatiable need for bottled water!

That said, I found myself travelling for work this week and without my trusty bottle. Oops. Desperately seeking hydration on the streets of Sydney Continue reading