BNE: Digging for Platinum, but I’ll take Gold…

So Brisbane airport…… Hmmmm.


The last time I wrote about Brisbane airport was from the comfortable confines of the Gold Star Lounge. The airport itself is much less than impressive.


I’m on route (via the Cape) to London. I started in Cairns, am now in Brisbane, next is Melbourne, then a stop-over in Hong Kong, which I was (blissfully) unaware of until I checked in this morning, before I can finally board the plane that will touch down at my final destination, London Heathrow. And right now the only thing standing between me and the pleasurable symphony of silent movement and hushed conversations behind those glass panels Continue reading

LISTEN: AirLounge Symphony


I’d always wanted to check it out. Never quite badly enough to organise a trip mind you. Perhaps it’s the Sydney girl in me. Maybe now it’s the ‘small town’ girl lovingly avoiding the bigger cities… whatever it is I’m glad I didn’t pass it by completely. Brisbane has been somewhat refreshing, somewhat surprising, and dare I say it, a little bit fun!

As I write this I find myself in the Qantas Lounge at Brisbane airport. I like this way of travelling! Stylish open space, power points everywhere, a entire bank of new iMacs for use, an antipasto bar, coffee stations, a bar serving all kinds of wines and juices, clean bathrooms… Continue reading