LISTEN: AirLounge Symphony


I’d always wanted to check it out. Never quite badly enough to organise a trip mind you. Perhaps it’s the Sydney girl in me. Maybe now it’s the ‘small town’ girl lovingly avoiding the bigger cities… whatever it is I’m glad I didn’t pass it by completely. Brisbane has been somewhat refreshing, somewhat surprising, and dare I say it, a little bit fun!

As I write this I find myself in the Qantas Lounge at Brisbane airport. I like this way of travelling! Stylish open space, power points everywhere, a entire bank of new iMacs for use, an antipasto bar, coffee stations, a bar serving all kinds of wines and juices, clean bathrooms… all the comforts that regular business travellers would more than likely totally take for granted! I on the other hand feel like I’ve just been taken to the castle before my private plane leaves for warmer shores! I dare say I’d like to stop here before my flight more often, spend MORE time at the airport, get there earlier… My step-dad would like that – we have never seen eye-to-eye on the appropriate time to arrive prior to departure. I tend to be the last one on because I hate waiting and don’t see the point of jostling like cattle to get to my already pre-appointed seat, whereas Garry likes to be early, organised, even if he ends up being the last one on anyway (he never seems to hear the boarding calls)… the biggest disagreements always seem to come when someone in the family is flying international – forget waiting at an airport for three hours for a joke!!!

So instead I’m enjoying a cold glass of apple juice, I can hear someone behind me preparing themselves a coffee, the milk steaming and frothing with that warm bubbling-gurgle, I can hear china and silverware (yes real cutlery and crockery) chinking and clinking as people serve themselves food, replace soup lids, move their plates and stir their fresh pressed coffee, children whisper, YES! Their little voices are only just audible over the leather soled shoes on the tiled shiny floors, the teaspoon jingles, and the the quiet conversation as people discuss their myriad comfort options in this little slice of paradise. It probably helps that they are safe and contained in this earth toned, low walled, couch filled wonderland, free to roam, eat, drink, touch, toilet and play (albeit quietly) without the stress of their parents freaking out when they turn the corner and without the subsequent yelling and carrying on from both parties! I like this place even more!

A wall of glass looks out at the current building works (the car park) but the natural light and open atmosphere is a refreshing change from the typical concrete box terminals. I could quite easily spend my afternoons here with a coffee and a book, write a little, read a little, eat a little, grab a coffee, heck I could even take a shower and powder my nose. Can I get an annual pass for this place? I don’t really need the flights or the travelling, I could happily enjoy just hanging out here for an hour or so.

I am looking forward to when this type of travel is my norm and not my one-off, when I can take pleasure in early arrivals, pre-flight blogs, books and bar service, until then I’m going to lap this up, and although I totally blend in sitting at this wide caesar-stone bench on my MacBook, drink beside me, in pressed blue jeans, brown leather belt and boots, my inner child is dying to leap across the room and try some food, or make a coffee, or grab another drink, and just get my own china chinking symphony started!

Happy Travels.


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