Goodbye Coles & Woolworths…

This year’s resolution was BOLD, it was out there, it was serious. It had fore thought, insight, and a month before the new year dawned I put it out there, I told people, I owned it, I planned on doing some preparation…. then it was New Years Day.

On the way home from watching the sunrise on the beach I decided a couple of extra breakfast ingredients would add nicely to the decadence of heralding in another year. Which is when my partner reminded me… No Coles or Woolworths, remember!!??! Oh crap, yes, it’s January 1st. No Coles or Woolworths.

And so it was. The resolution came to be without so much as a farewell impulse shop. Or a fresh load of toilet paper. Continue reading

THINK: Food Marketing and YOU

This is an eye-opener and a half! Just imagine what we could change if people better understood the power they hold in their wallets everyday. If people took the time to learn about where their food comes from and who and what they are supporting every time they spend their hard earned money.

We as consumers make choices everyday that either support these operations to continue or that will ultimately force them to change their practices or become redundant. Every transaction is an opportunity to change the world around you, to vote where corporations feel it most, and to have your say on practices that are unsustainable, inhumane, illegal and unfair.

Now that is real power.
The question is, will you make the most of your opportunity?

LEARN: Water Water everywhere but not a drop to drink…

So I’ve been reading a bit about water lately, our voracious appetite for it, the nonchalance with which we waste it, and the devastating over-consumption that is already starting to crack the land and our lives beneath us.

But I just turn on the tap and it’s always there… but it seems like it rains pretty often… There’s no water restrictions at the moment so it can’t be that bad…

One of the critical elements that the average urban dweller tends to forget/neglect/hasn’t realised yet is that most of the fresh water on Earth is used in food production. About 70% actually is used for irrigation purposes, 20% for Continue reading

THINK: Left-Over Love

This wonderful video follows the Food Recovery Network and documents their innovative certification program which is encouraging restaurants, cafeterias and caterers to donate their unused and left-over food rather than throwing it in the bin.

Sheer brilliance! With population numbers continuing to rise at a greater rate than food production levels, it is so important, now more than ever, that we make full use of what we have and work to reduce the massive wastage that has become an all too common occurrence in our throwaway society.

THINK: The insanity of our times

I would like to take a moment to share with you the absurdity with which our world leaders are addressing the world food crisis. Or as they would like us to think, what food crisis?

Following the meeting of G8 (Group of Eight) nations  in July 2008, over an 18-course banquet prepared by 60 chefs the following declaration was made,

“We are deeply concerned that the steep rise in global food prices coupled with availability problems in a number of developing countries is threatening global food security. The negative impacts of this recent trend could push millions more back into poverty.”

Deeply concerned? Continue reading