GROW: Re-birth, for lives lost.

So… let’s try again shall we. Today is re-seeding and re-planting day!!!

My initial attempt at growing food from seed was at first a success, but was swiftly followed by heart breaking results as I left my seedlings unattended for too long! 😦

So today I’ve taken the pots, the soil and the seeds out onto the porch for some sunshine happy “green-thumbing”!!!

I arranged everything that I needed (including the mug of fresh coffee and the organic chocolate) and set to work. As well as planting the seeds I wanted to test trial growing more rocket from an organic bunch I bought earlier in the week that had its roots intact. I am perhaps a little optimistic about producing more from less, however it could be a fantastic win-win situation!!

I re-planted pots with rocket seeds, zucchini, coriander, mixed lettuce, chilli, and parsley. I turned the soil a few times and watered it well before planting so that I could give them (what I thought was) the best possible conditions to grow. Unfortunately the thai chilli from the previous planting, that I had hoped would strengthen and come into its own, didn’t seem to be very happy and rather than continue growing it seemed more content to use the side of the pot for support as it dipped its withering head over the edge!

After planting them all out again I transferred the small pots to the inside of the planter pot (this also minimises mess on the porch when watering, and makes it easier to move them into more/ less sunshine during the day!) and gave them a good drink!

So here’s to the waiting game… again. If this attempt is unsuccessful it may be an indication of either my obviously missing some key component critical to raising seeds, or perhaps it points to the health and viability of the seed stock I have procured?!?! I guess time will tell.

As well as potting seeds I used this time to re-pot some of my more successful seedlings. I have decided against the “recycled tin-can growth method” for now as I found that even with my drainage holes the soil was remaining too wet and the plants felt to me as though they were being stunted or stifled in their growth! (Totally my subjective feeling as opposed to some objective measure of gardening wisdom! And no doubt relative to the current humidity, and weather patterns where I live!)

I transferred the tomato plant I have grown from seed to one of the Bio-Pots, and moved the basil plant that had been grown from ‘seed-stick‘ to a larger plastic pot that I bought from the local discount store.


All that said, for now however I decided to leave the parsley in the recycled can it calls home as it seemed to be doing a little better of late and my thinking is that perhaps it might provide some mutual support, spurring on it’s fellow seedlings to get a move on a join us all in the sun!?! We’ll see!

So for now, it’s back to watching and waiting for the grass to grow…. who’s a happy little green-thumb!!!

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