When good food goes… SUPER!

I’m going to be brutally honest here… At the risk of sounding very “un-naturopathic”, what the hell is with all the good foods becoming super?? If I didn’t know better I’d say that the produce isle has some narcissistic super-hero complex going on.

Are all those fresh foods really that ‘super’? Well, yes. Of course. But news flash… they’ve ALWAYS been super!
(Sorry organic hipsters, nothing new here!)

It’s just that somewhere along the line we started prioritising shiny packaging, longer shelf lives and added pizzazz! Somewhere along the line we stopped paying attention to the good health, active life, and REAL food our predecessors ate. Somewhere along the line we stopped worrying about soil minerals, micronutrients, whole-foods, long ferments, and waiting for the grain to mature. Somewhere along the line efficiency, economy, automation, mechanical processing and higher yields were prioritised over all else, leaving our soils and our food desperately lacking in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and life.



But really…. do we have to go powder them all now???
Forgive me for wondering if this isn’t just a powdered version of my breakfast and lunch…. all mixed in together!!!


Like even carrots….. WAIT… WHAT??
Carrots are a super-food now??



Carrots and potatoes and even broccoli contain essential minerals. Yet in the last 50 years potatoes have lost 47% of their copper, 45% of their iron, 35% of their calcium, 57% of their vitamin C content and a staggering 100% of their vitamin A content!! Carrots even more so! Broccoli has somehow managed to lose 80% of its copper, and end up with a quarter of the amount of calcium it once held. And did you know that for your children to obtain the same amount of vitamin A from the single orange their grandparents ate growing up, they would have to nail 8 of the things in todays world?!?!?! That’s astounding, and totally ridiculous, and really puts your food into perspective.

It drives me up the wall that all of these so called “super-foods” are actually just natural whole foods that have always provided a vast array of nutrients, health benefits and vitality to the consumer, only we’ve had to screw up our food system SO much, that our humble carrot is now seen as “super”….. (insert eyes rolling WAY in the back of my head)!!

And as much as it pains me to say so, perhaps until then, until we fix things up, get it right, clean it up and start growing more nutrient rich produce, maybe powdering down our daily veg so we can fit more in is the way to go. I don’t know. I’d personally prefer to continue growing my own garden spinach, buying carrots and other veg from my local organic farmer, and eating my whole-food as opposed to drinking it, but hey, nutrient infusions certainly have their place in healing therapies.


Once we return to a gentler way of raising our food, pay attention to our soils, crop rotate, poly-farm, remove pesticides and growth promoters, detoxify our lands, and naturally nourish the entire food growing organism it is only natural that the nutrient levels present in our foods will again begin to rise.

Bring on the humble food revolution!

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