My 2 Favourite Clients

When it comes to my work as a naturopath, I have favourites. There, I said it.
But there are two stand out topics that just float my boat like it’s Noah’s Ark in a flood. I don’t say this lightly mind you, the entire body, every organ, every system, every cell, and its relationship with plant medicine, foods, vibrations, and the environment we live in has me completely geek-ing out at any given opportunity, yet I’ve come to realise that there are two categories specifically that consume me, and if I could teach anything, this would be it;

  • Pre-preconception

    Not just “we’ve been trying to fall pregnant and it hasn’t happened yet”, but, “I’m thinking, or we’re thinking that we’d like to start a family in a year or two.” Or better yet, “I know I’d love to have children ONE DAY…” BOOM. I’m your woman.


  • Natural Pet Care

    Why is it that our furry friends get the dud end of the stick when it comes to preventative health care? As humans you can choose to wait til you get sick and see a doctor for meds (whilst still having access to unlimited info on health, wellness, diet and lifestyle), or you can be proactive and see any number of therapists from naturopaths to homeopaths, osteopaths, acupuncturists, kinesiologists, eastern and/or western herbal medicine practitioners… all of whom help to keep you healthy and strong. But where’s our pets choice?
    You’ve probably got a first aid kit at home and perhaps beside the basics you’ve got some arnica, or calendula cream, maybe there’s even some homeopathic remedies. There’s also a good chance you’ve got a multivitamin, some vitamin C, and maybe some magnesium kicking around the kitchen…. but what about your fur baby?
    Do you have any idea what their natural diet looks like?
    Do you give them any supplements to boost their health and help recovery from illness? Would you know any ‘at home’ remedies to help them if you couldn’t get to the vet for a day or two? Why would we care for our four-legged family members any differently to our two-legged ones?

In the coming months I will be writing a whole lot more on these two particular topics because I feel that there are SO many people, as well as creatures great, small and yet to be conceived who could benefit from what I’ve learnt and continue to learn.

What is your experience with preconception care? Do you think it’s important?
Have you tried any natural pet care remedies with success?

Vibrantly Yours.


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