Pushing Shit Uphill…

Lately I’ve been running the uphill. You know when the morning walk/jog/run/ride hits the uphill and the conversation goes out the window because the effort to breathe and move at the same time, uphill, just leaves no room to talk about it?!? This uphill hasn’t been so much blood, sweat and tears though (thankfully), more brain, pain and schedule stretching. But I’m sorry for the absence.

: I’ve taken on new work this month, both consulting and out in the world (hello to landing my dream part-time job in the holy grail of herbal wisdom here on the north coast!)

: I’ve been diving into more and more course-work as I continue the 12-month Fertility Mentoring program that I’m part of, with a fair whack of sideline brainstorming as I plan how I can best deliver this new knowledge to the legions of young men and women that would SO SO benefit from understanding just a fraction of how our bodies collide to make healthy, happy babies (other than the completely obvious collision smarty-pants!)

: I’ve been researching natural dental care like a demon as I support my partner through dentists, periodontists, gum infections, tooth abscesses, and pain, oh so much pain.
It was my gentle nudge that lead to the dentists office after 5years of benign neglect (which was really the furthest thing from benign), but it was better now than never, and better at home than travelling anywhere and having your teeth fall out of your face! (Note to partners of professional, semi-professional and ex- ice hockey players… make sure he’s got insurance, even after retirement!!)
In the process I’m trying SO hard not to scream at every Colgate pushing, fluoride loving, drug pumping, fear mongering, clearly never undertook any personal research beyond their mainstream medical brainwashing crap in their life, loving dentist…. God I could scream. But I don’t. And not for their benefit. For his. Because sometimes supporting someone else can look so vastly different from supporting yourself, and that’s ok, and often when you love them it hurts you too, and I quickly realised that getting cranky at the establishment was just creating more fear and angst, so I make sure that I take on board the ridiculous suggestions to gargle and swallow and swish with toxic chemicals, and then we support with vitamin C, chlorella, zinc, homoeopathics, Cellgevity, tissue salts, salt water rinses, clays, charcoal, essential oils…. and lots of love.
And you know what? It’s fucking exhausting. This one small part of the body has made it so clear to both of us that health and the prevention of disease is SO much more effective, energising and cost effective, than dealing with illness, disease, pain, discomfort and sickness. Onwards and upwards.

: I’ve also supported myself through 24hours of impending viral infection (the perks of treating sick and spewy kids sometimes!) and managed to knock it off the shelf using a few really simple and effective techniques as soon as my symptoms appeared;
– Kali Mur tissue salt spray under the tongue for the sore throat and starting to swell glands (this alone taken acutely fixed up severe viral laryngitis in 12 hours the first time I used it and I have sworn by it ever since)
– MediHerb Herbal Throat Spray for the swallowing razor blades (I ran out of Kali Mur but find this much more soothing)
– Colloidal silver nasal spray when I woke up the next day and blew the contents of my brain into a tissue that was WAY too small, and the contents were way too yellow for my liking! Used it a few times for one day, and that was it. All gone, all better.
– A gentle, soft and simple diet. Organic local veggies, steamed and smashed a bit, garlic, ginger and turmeric, cups of warm water with lemon slices and dried ginger, cups of herbal tea, soups, god I love soups, and softer proteins like eggs, tempeh and a bit of haloumi. Easy. Yummy. Simple. And it works for teeth that don’t like chewing right now, and a throat that didn’t really like swallowing.

With so much new knowledge to draw on I’m excited by what I can share, so if you have any questions please feel free to add them in the comments below. It feels like the uphill is starting to taper off a bit… speak soon. X

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