MUSE: Tricka Technology…

So I was going to start this post with some new kitchen creations, and then see if I had space remaining to give a few non-culinary updates. I’ve now decided to go the other way around.

So this story begins last night, with losing my phone. My beautiful shiny new Iphone 4. It fell out of my pocket during a large function I was working at; in the dark, in the park. I was in and around an enormous circus tent filled with people, back and forth from a kitchen tent filled with more people, mess, water, food waste, and furniture, and went to the toilet a couple of times too! Great!

Now if it had been a little prepaid budget phone with a few number etc etc maybe (just maybe) it wouldn’t have stung so hard! I have to admit that in a society filled with pressure to be more organised, more connected, more up to date, more in-tune and available 24/7 I for one had succumb Continue reading

RAW: Cheering for cheese-less cheese… and other yumminess!

Happy Thursday!!

I did mean to write this pretty much the day after the last post… life clearly had other plans however! So in the interests of those left salivating over the kitchen prep on the last one, here’s what came from out gallant efforts in the kitchen. Christie and Nikki do vegan lasagne! I would say ‘raw’ lasagne but I did cook up a mean nutritional (savoury) yeast (cheese-less) ‘cheese’ sauce! I say ‘cheese’ because I’m sure that unassuming cheese eaters would not spot the difference if it was layered in anyway! That and I caught my ‘meat-eating, milk-drinking, McDonald loving chef flat-mate’ with his fingers in the pot! HA! Go nutritional yeast!!

So we layered the eggplant, sliced broccoli, green leaves, and alternated with pesto, tomato sauce and drizzled in Continue reading

ENJOY: Happy Savoury Saturday!

Hello again!

I’m back, for the third time in a week maybe, or close to it! I think you’d call this “on a roll!!” It’s a delightful Saturday afternoon, I’m sitting on the lounge with a cup of herbal tea, a few little dark chocolates from CoffeeWorks (…mmm, dark ginger bark!), have just enjoyed a 10minute nana nap, am listening to Vicki Christina Barcelona soundtrack via Christie’s laptop on the opposite couch, and there’s a slight breeze rustling through the open blinds. 5pm on a Saturday in Cairns, a truly magical time.

Today has been lovely. We went to a yoga class and ‘grew’ a few inches this morning, my body left feeling looser than when it arrived; Continue reading