2015: Crossing The Threshold

Welcome to a new year, and welcome to a new post, it’s been a while coming.
I’ve really enjoyed taking a break during this transitional period, and I have (to be perfectly honest) found it more transitional than ever this time around.

I spent most of December back up north, and IT WAS AMAZING!! Just being back where the forest meets the sea makes my heart melt, I dissolve a little into the humidity, give a little into the rain, lean a little into the heat. I learnt a long time ago that there is absolutely no point resisting the environment, which is something that I love so much about the far north. You learn a different level of tolerance and acceptance for the everyday and you just get on with what you can! It’s blissful. In it’s own sticky way! Breathe, sweat, accept.
I spent time with friends and soul-family, possibly the best two weeks of my diving career in the Torres Strait and Coral Sea (more on that – and photos!!! – to come) and returned to reality with the tragic accidental death of a friend. Life huh. Excruciatingly beautiful and confusing as fuck sometimes. Breathe, sweat, cry, accept.

I spent New Year on the beach back here on the coast, ate possibly the best tiramisu I’ve ever tried, certainly the most creatively constructed thats for sure, was front row to the fireworks whilst being knee deep in the surf (that was a new experience), and watched the first sunrise of the year from the same spot I sat last year on what is now my local beach! The crowning day was hot, hot, hot so I took myself and my sunshade to the trees and the sand dunes at Marcus beach and enjoyed some salt water therapy, before watching the sunset from First Point at Noosa. Welcome to 2015!

I have been going through some pretty spectacular, vividly powerful, knock your socks off with excitement start of the year rituals, planning, mapping, pondering, dreaming and creating lately. I will share all in a post soon and give you all the juicy details of the incredible resources that I have drawn into my life and which are helping me to create bigger, bolder and brighter dreams than ever before. I’ll also share some of the insane-o things that are already in the pipeline for soon and later in the year… WOOP it’s gonna be HUGE!

I have also been thinking a bit about this blog lately, I’d like to write much more often as I feel it’s a great platform to share with others what I do, what I’m learning and teaching, and it allows people to get to know who I am too. I’ve always kept in the back of my mind that if I ever had the intention of relating this back to my profession (i.e. listing the address on my business cards ~which for the record I just have!!) I need to be careful with the content. Which has lead to the thinking about… what I want to write, what I want to convey, how personal I should allow things to get, how professional things should stay, what is the purpose of my writing and how does this relate to my business, my professional life and the example I hope to set… It can get overwhelming all this thinking that’s for sure….

I’ve wondered for a while if it is “un-naturopathic” to be posting photos of the amazing cake I ate last week (or the week before!! hehe), or if it would be “un-spiritual” IF I were to be relaxing in a 5-star resort somewhere with a cocktail in hand and, and, a big leather handbag… (not that I even drink alcohol or laze in 5-star resorts…yet…but you get the picture) and the more I’ve thought about these things the more I’ve realised that it is through authenticity that we often best connect with others. I am not my profession, and damn it, what’s the point of having your cake if you can’t eat it too?!? (I’ve always wondered that).
I live an active, healthy, happy life, why shouldn’t I share the ups, downs, salad and cake if that is what feels authentically right at the time. I’m not here to self-flagilate, I’m here to promote happy, healthy, balanced, radiant living. I’m kinda tired of second guessing my Instagram posts lest someone sees a very “un-naturopathic” photo splayed across my website! HA! (That kinda makes me laugh now though thinking about how ridiculous that sounds! ~ Post the friggin photo girlfriend, you ran 10km this morning, you freakin DESERVE that piece of cake and by God the level of happiness that it registers on my happiness meter definitely makes this a spiritual experience!!! HAHAHAHA!!!) And if someone has a problem with it, I don’t think they’re in the right place… no need for bad juju here.

So here’s to more authenticity (not that I wasn’t being authentic before – but I have felt somewhat censored/reserved at times when shit gets deep and personal and I have refrained from sharing – usually at the times I could use the writing the most and maybe someone else could use the reading just as much!), to scratching a little bit deeper, to revealing a little bit more, to shining a little brighter (or a lot!) and to sharing many more of those OH MY GOD THIS CAKE IS FREAKING AMAZING moments!

Hope the New Year has already brought you some insights of your own, feel free to share them too.

N. x

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