ENJOY: Happy Savoury Saturday!

Hello again!

I’m back, for the third time in a week maybe, or close to it! I think you’d call this “on a roll!!” It’s a delightful Saturday afternoon, I’m sitting on the lounge with a cup of herbal tea, a few little dark chocolates from CoffeeWorks (…mmm, dark ginger bark!), have just enjoyed a 10minute nana nap, am listening to Vicki Christina Barcelona soundtrack via Christie’s laptop on the opposite couch, and there’s a slight breeze rustling through the open blinds. 5pm on a Saturday in Cairns, a truly magical time.

Today has been lovely. We went to a yoga class and ‘grew’ a few inches this morning, my body left feeling looser than when it arrived; (thankfully because in a moment of fitness inspiration we walked from Skybury’s cafe in Mareeba to the car – all of about 50m – doing lunges!!) Yep, not so fit Nikki has unfortunately been feeling it for the past day! We ventured over to Rusty’s markets to top-up on the greens supply, and sit back, relax and enjoy the vibrancy, the smells, sounds, colours, and tastes that abound in there! A visit wouldn’t be complete without swinging by Billy’s Coffee (rice milk mocha for me) and Govinda’s Yummies (vegetable samosa with date and tamarind sauce) – YUM!

Christie had wanted some more black sapote before she left (and will attempt to border smuggle some home I’m sure!) but the Fruit Bat on the Bruce Highway was closed today. We did stop past Neil’s Organics to buy some raw macadamia nuts however coz our afternoon was set to be spent playing with food in the kitchen!

There is a huge basil shrub growing in my backyard. I say shrub because, well, it looks like it could pass for a mid-height privacy screen of greenery. It is thriving and providing much nourishment for every type of bug, crawly and person on the property. Needless to say it was PESTO making day!!!

Basil bushes!!

We picked a bowlful of leaves, washed and drained them, added the macadamias, a big clove of garlic, some sea salt and delicious olive oil to the blender…. and absolutely nothing happened! (I don’t have a food processor at the moment!) So out it came and into the mortar and pestle where it was pounded with love and elbow greaseand it smells and tastes so fresh!

Basil macadamia pesto

We also picked some baby eggplant that is growing in the yard; Christie sliced that up and placed it in a dish with some olive oil and salt to marinate and soak away. In the blender she then processed some fresh local tomatoes, garlic, red onion, a little bit of chilli, pinch of salt, a couple of basil leaves and a tablespoon or so of tahini… a la fresh napolitana sauce!! 

Eggplant in the garden

Garden fresh eggplant

Homemade napolitana

So tonight around dinner time we figured we’d put it all together and make a sort of free-form vegetable lasagne/ moussaka type thing. In the fridge there’s also a quinoa, almond, sunflower seed, raisin, goji, coconut, cinnamon, and honey salad concoction, and some mushed up avocado with lemon, salt and chilli…. I’m getting excited just thinking about all this food!

It’s Christie’s last night up here in Cairns so it’s only natural that we enjoy a whole bunch of delicious food to celebrate a fabulous week spent together, a thoroughly enjoyable time for both of us! And on that note I think it’s time we took our daily sunset walk and reflection, give us some time to work up even more of an appetite, and I’ll be sure to let you know just how incredible our dinner turns out! Happy Saturday, happy eating!


2 thoughts on “ENJOY: Happy Savoury Saturday!

  1. christie says:

    i love it love it love it! i love reading it and reminiscing 🙂 i love reading anything u write coz its always so descriptive – even if i wasnt there i feel like i am!
    oh i miss billy, and neil, and COFFEE WORKS!!


    • Nicole Madeleine says:

      I’ve just finished writing how good this damn cookie would be with a coffee… I’m tempted to take the remaining one to CoffeeWorks! Haha! Hopeless! Hope you’re having a great day! X


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