Flash Back to last NY

So at the end of each year I go through a pretty amazing ritual of Celebrating and Releasing the year that has been, before embarking on an invocation of all the good stuff for the coming year. (If you’d like to know more about this powerful and proven process of “Creating Your Shining Year” just click here for more info).

During this process I also look back over what was written the previous year; I find this serves as something of a nice way-point or marker, showing me how far I have travelled in pursuit of my dreams, but also reminding me of the things I may not have achieved or accomplished yet, thus giving me the choice of whether to continue pursuing them or to release them to the Universe.

It was in doing this that I came across my final expression for 2014. I don’t remember writing it but clearly I did, and whilst my life is in a very different shape and space this year around, I think there may be a few pearls in here for all of us.


“It’s time to step up. Working for someone and being undervalued and unappreciated is gone and dead. It is now your time. To create what is right and good for you and for others.
It’s been a massive year, and it has turned out so differently than I ever would have imagined. But I’m here, and I’m OK. The breaking broke me open and that allowed more light to shine through. You’ve done a really good job. Be proud.
You strengthened but you also softened. You fell and you rose, when you reacted you became aware.We have awakened more. Now we take these lessons, these powerful new ways of being, forward as we rise. And as we rise, we open, we trust and we surrender. There is a bigger picture here, there is a greatness, and even though you may not remember all the time, you are loved, protected and divinely guided always. I love you. You did good. You didn’t hide from the lessons and you tried to help others understand and grow too. Be the example. Be the light. Don’t focus on the darkness, light is the only thing that will remove the shadows. Be brave. Shine.
Do what you love and are called to do. Don’t question so much or procrastinate. You have it in you to be great. Go do that. Go girl. Welcome to the rest of your amazing life! I love you.”

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