Lighting up Frustration

Why do I have so much trouble figuring out what to write?

Is it perfectionist tendencies or just excuses? Simmering frustration or eternal procrastination?

I want to educate the world. help people to know their bodies, to know their minds, to feel alive, healthy, vibrant, radiant.

I want people to be more self reliant, I want people to know their power, their strength, to reclaim their greatness and to start behaving like the divine beings that they are.

I want people to wake up, to stop choking down what mass media and corporations feed them, force feed them, to make better choices, to feel empowered to trust those better choices, to discern whats right for them and to feel confident experimenting, testing, tasting, accepting what works and rejecting what doesn’t.

I want people to listen, to trust that little voice inside that is screaming, dying to be heard, and slowing, constantly being drowned out by the latest trend, fad, diet, supplement, breakthrough, or google recommendation.

There is just so much to convey, so much I want to say, so much knowledge, so much breadth and depth and detail and it seems that so many of these people are lacking the focus to follow along, lacking the attention span to get involved, to ask hard questions, to demand answers, and to search for their truth. Apparently anything that challenges the status-quo of their brain washing is too difficult to deal with, too much to take in, and too far removed from the reality in which (apparently) our governments and largest companies would never emphasise, promote, or push anything our way that was inherently harmful. Don’t I know they’re here to look after us?

My lack of buzzwords and controversial attention grabbing headers relegates me to fodder; for long articles are time consuming, too involved, too heavy, too detailed, they get lost, don’t have the time, they want light reading, light entertainment, light news, short attention grabbing tid-bits of superficial light information that glosses over anything of real substance and provides the next great lead-in for their light conversation over their light milk coffees.

The problem with all this ‘light’ info is that tends to neglect the process. The vital, complex web of chain reactions that are critical to the desired or undesired outcomes, without which nothing happens or changes. This precious knowledge, the true understanding of the connection between each tiny component and the whole is lost, and as a consequence so is the ability to discern between what constitutes a true enhancement of the system and what is merely the latest marketing trend, the latter of which will only improve the ‘lightness’ of their wallet.

It’s no wonder people are skeptical of natural medicines. The bottle of pills they bought last month has (surprise surprise) failed to meet their expectations of greater health/wealth/happiness and as a result we all suffer. Collectively we suffer.

You suffer from zero improvement, zero confidence and a zero level of empowerment, which is great for all those aforementioned governments and corporations by the way, for now you are easy prey;
your family suffers with members who are not living and performing and showing up as the best version of themselves;
your children suffer as you pass on less desirable genetic traits and DNA coding, hand them a higher propensity to illness and disease throughout their ENTIRE lives, and expect them to function in a world that toxically assaults their tiny bodies from day one;
the community suffers through an increasing strain on the health care system, sick days and absent community members;
and I suffer.
I suffer in a profession that has the ability to truly help people, but finds itself in a world where increasingly diet, lifestyle and health care choices are joining the ranks of religion and politics as topics to carefully tread around lest I should offend someones “personal” health beliefs.

Since when did the science of the human body become a belief anyway? Last I checked there was certainly some level of cellular biochemical individuality, but this is nowhere close to the level that people claim when stating that ‘their’ body works differently. It seems the more tid-bits people get their hands on, the more confused they ultimately become, and the more people we have walking around believing that they are really just ‘big-boned’, or food intolerant but with exceptions, or are sugar free but can drink diet soft drinks, or need to eat a 500g steak and wash it down with a protein shake after their workout for an extra protein boost… the list is exhaustive, endless, absurd and sad. The excuses are exhaustive, endless, absurd and sad.


And now I recognise that I am part of the problem. My lack of expression, my lack of writing, my worrying that the message will not be received, the fretting and frustration at the delivery, all this has stifled my voice, crippled my message and resultingly nothing has changed. I am no closer to changing the world than the general population is to changing their diet. This frustration at the world is a mirror for the frustration I feel at myself. No one can get off this couch for me, no one will write this rant for me, no one can change my world, inside or out BUT me. So it’s time. Today is the day. I’m constantly telling people that any day is a good day to start a new habit. This shall be mine.

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