RELOCATION: Journey to a new home

It’s time for an update… I have been noticeably absent this year as there have been so many changes going on for me and unfortunately I wasn’t making the effort to prioritise my writing. In hindsight it would have been awesome to have been updating you on my travels as they were happening however with the joint power of posting and photography I just might be able to give you a bit of a run down regardless.

First and foremost, I HAVE MOVED!!! I packed my things and took a nice long drive down the East Coast. Mum flew up to Cairns to join me for the drive as she was in the market for a road trip and thankfully there was just enough room for her in the fully loaded Commodore! Continue reading

TRAVEL: Back to March 2012!!

I have just found this post sitting in my drafts after a loooong hiatus from writing. Would seem a shame to waste the words, it was, and it is reading it back, full of beautiful memories! So enjoy…. from way back in March 9 2012.


So after flying from the sunny, humid, tropical paradise of Cairns, (via Brisbane, Melbourne, and Hong Kong, with an unexpected 5hours on the tarmac in Brussels!!) my 40+ hour adventure brought me to Continue reading

CELEBRATE: Meal One, Two Thousand & Twelve.


Following on from an amazing year in 2011~ the ever more exciting, highly anticipated, widely talked about, pondered, researched, theorised and debated year of 2012 is now upon us!!!

According to some it’s the year to end all years (in a very literal sense), but only time will tell what is to become of our watery planet! Personally I’m VERY excited by all of the possibilities and the potential that we have as a family (a really big universal planet earth family!!).

Consciousness is definitely shifting and I believe that all of these shifts are moving us towards a greater version of everything! Sometimes it’s difficult to see the forest through the trees, but it’s definitely out there!! WOOP!!!!

I have a whole bunch of stories I’d love to share Continue reading

BNE: Digging for Platinum, but I’ll take Gold…

So Brisbane airport…… Hmmmm.


The last time I wrote about Brisbane airport was from the comfortable confines of the Gold Star Lounge. The airport itself is much less than impressive.


I’m on route (via the Cape) to London. I started in Cairns, am now in Brisbane, next is Melbourne, then a stop-over in Hong Kong, which I was (blissfully) unaware of until I checked in this morning, before I can finally board the plane that will touch down at my final destination, London Heathrow. And right now the only thing standing between me and the pleasurable symphony of silent movement and hushed conversations behind those glass panels Continue reading

LIVE: Travelling Gardener, Happy Garden.

So in a wicked twist of dejavu I find myself again looking down the runway, another trip away fast approaching; and the innocent faces of my seedlings as they peer through sleepy eyes, opening them to the light as they look up at me for the first time. Their lives now precariously dependant upon my ability to read their needs; to water, feed, love, care and tend to their fragile systems… at least until they are a little bit stronger!

The last time I attempted “prepared self-sufficiency” the results were dismal. Rather than flourish in the cool, moist, protected environs of the vacated bath tub my ‘plant-lettes’ sought growth of a different type; the fuzzy, Continue reading

LOVE: Life’s a beach!

So my radical habit forming hit a bump in the road, as many a habit changer has experienced I’m sure!!! But it’s back on the band wagon for me….

As I lengthen my stride to catch up the wheels I’m also thoroughly enjoying the scenery along the way…. We’ve moved house!

To the BEACH!! YAY!!

Ever since I was a little girl enjoying family holidays on the beach of the Gold Coast, I had always told my Mum that one day I would live on the beach in Queensland…. 20-something years later and I’ve only just realised that I’m finally fulfilling my prophecy! And not a moment too soon!! HI MUM!!!  Continue reading

LISTEN: AirLounge Symphony


I’d always wanted to check it out. Never quite badly enough to organise a trip mind you. Perhaps it’s the Sydney girl in me. Maybe now it’s the ‘small town’ girl lovingly avoiding the bigger cities… whatever it is I’m glad I didn’t pass it by completely. Brisbane has been somewhat refreshing, somewhat surprising, and dare I say it, a little bit fun!

As I write this I find myself in the Qantas Lounge at Brisbane airport. I like this way of travelling! Stylish open space, power points everywhere, a entire bank of new iMacs for use, an antipasto bar, coffee stations, a bar serving all kinds of wines and juices, clean bathrooms… Continue reading

CAMP: Take 2 Tinaroo – Predatorial Kookaburras!

So following on from our fabulous couple of days in the Goldsborough Valley, Alex and I headed up to Lake Tinaroo. Also known as Tinaroo Dam, this giant lake was constructed in the 1950’s on the Barron River. The dam traps enough water to create a lake 3/4 of the size of Sydney Harbour and with 200km of shoreline provides a watery playground for sailing, water-skiing, house-boating, swimming, jet skiing, and fishing. The lake is quite famous for its barramundi, and these fish can grow to epic proportions due to a lack of natural predators (other than the occasional speed boat!). A lack of access to salt water however leaves them unable to breed in this environment. To combat this the Walkamin Research Station is responsible for stocking the lake with fresh baby ‘barra’ each year, keeping the fisherman very happy!!

The scenic surrounds provide a beautiful backdrop for hiking, treking and camping, although with constant rain and drizzle Continue reading

CAMP: Lighter-Less Fires…

By the time I make my way back here, pull up a fresh page, and attempt to digest what will ultimately be spat out onto the crisp white screen, it seems that an eternity has passed, so many adventures have taken place, so meals have been made and the innocence of each of those fresh moments has passed me by. Lost forever to re-interpretation and critical analysis as they appear before me this time around. Humph! Good for the patience this one! Should’ve blogged earlier…

When I last posted I wanted to tell you all about the food I’d been experimenting with, but got lost in the moment Continue reading