LOVE: Life’s a beach!

So my radical habit forming hit a bump in the road, as many a habit changer has experienced I’m sure!!! But it’s back on the band wagon for me….

As I lengthen my stride to catch up the wheels I’m also thoroughly enjoying the scenery along the way…. We’ve moved house!

To the BEACH!! YAY!!

Ever since I was a little girl enjoying family holidays on the beach of the Gold Coast, I had always told my Mum that one day I would live on the beach in Queensland…. 20-something years later and I’ve only just realised that I’m finally fulfilling my prophecy! And not a moment too soon!! HI MUM!!! 

my front door

There’s something so soothing about the sound of the ocean gently licking the sand as you drift off to sleep, and of the birds and the wind dancing in the palm fronds to signal the variations of the days sunlight, temperature and weather. Mother natures perfect timing device lies in all of her perfect creations! *Sigh*

So I sit here contemplating the world from my balcony; looking out at the vast blue expanse just across the road, the sand that still looks warm as the shadows lengthen, peppered with well worn foot trails, the dogs excitedly walking their people, communicating enthusiastically with one another as they pass, the kites that peer over the tallest palms whisking their riders along ever slower as the breeze begins to settle in for the calm night ahead. I can smell the first scents of the evening, someone, somewhere close is breaking open precious cloves of garlic, exposing their vibrant, stinging pungency, the sprinklers come alive and the freshness of the garden cools my tiled surrounds, and as I type I am witness (thankfully) to the first attempted assault on my skin by blood thirsty savages who in increasing numbers begin circling my hands, and now probably my ankles too! I take this perfect signal as a sign that it’s time to retire behind closed screens… or maybe take a walk on the beach!


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