TRY: Radical Habit Forming!!

So I started this with good intentions. And then life happened… again. Only this time I was actually going to write about it!!

I thought a lot about writing, there were many instances when I had the best of intentions and even stated that I was going to write this or that in my blog. Restaurants I ate at that were good, even amazing (hopefully I’ll still get to them!), the week I took off and spent playing tour guide to my parents, I even sat at the airport in Perth attempting to reconstruct my very first meeting with my boyfriends family, haphazardly touching the tiny buttons on my iphone with acrylic tips stuck to my little nails. I almost got there too, if it weren’t for the whole “Ma’am you need to turn off your mobile phone before the plane takes off” thing.

I know plenty of people who have attempted (and some successfully) to break bad habits. I don’t think however that I know many people who have ever bothered attempting to create new ones. For Christmas my mum gave me a fabulous little note pad entitled; “21 days to change a habit”. The idea is that you list the good habits you’d like to create, there’s a check box for each day of the week, and for each you can allocate a reward if you stick to your target.

I thought the idea was INGENIOUS, and for a high achieving ‘list person’ like myself, well, lets just say that my mums pretty clever!

I started idealistically; eat 2 pieces of fruit a day; 8 hours sleep; write in my grateful journal daily; practice speaking spanish; meditate (more) regularly… all those things that I figured would be wonderful and healthy and life-giving. For a little while I actually got quite good at it, I was excited at being able to tick the box each day. I was living a fantastically clean and wholesome existence for the express benefit of my little square of paper. I just loved ticking those boxes!!

Needless to say it didn’t last. Wrong incentive I think!

A few months ago I visited the dentist with intense pain in one of my teeth. I should mention that my dentist is incredible, and a great friend; a divinely inspired angelic being who radiates a joyful, childlike innocence and makes everyone around her feel important, cherished and loved. Even my crappy tooth. Well with one root canal looming on the horizon I was warned that if I didn’t start flossing the rest may face the same fate.

I was admittedly a little upset to realise that one of my teeth was already ‘dead’. (The dentist showed me the ‘root’ like a little thread on her needle!) And I certainly didn’t want to knowingly partake in the death of any other body bits that I am likely to need!! So I started flossing. It’s amazing how your mind will prevent you from doing something new that takes a whole couple of minutes longer than your usual routine, even giving you excuses as to why you don’t have the time. I perservered, and I kept on going, and sometimes I would find myself indulging in long flossing sessions… who would’ve thought?!?

And then it happened, a breakthrough! I finished an entire roll of dental floss! For the first time in my life, age 28, I finished an entire roll of dental floss!! It felt so good. It was a HUGE accomplishment! So I went and bought another one… suffice to say I’m not hooked just yet, while I’m enthusiastic, I can’t confirm that that second roll is done just yet!! HA HA, excuses, excuses!!! How the mind dazzles me with its creativity and influence!

And again… what a digression from my original intention for this post… HAHAHA!!

I’m going to attempt a radical transformation on my blogging habits. Forget the 21 days, I’m making a balls to the wall push for pretty close to instantaneous… I could just fall on my face with this, in which case you wont have to read anymore of my ramblings any time soon(!!), on the other hand it could result in the unveiling of some creative genius I’ve locked away!
In any case, I look forward to letting you know how it turns out. Whether that be sooner or later than expected!!!


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