SOURCE: Would A Mango By Any Other Name….

….Shakespeare (sort of). Well, possibly not if you look into it. I never thought to question old Shakespeare, well not his validity anyway. Some questions around his use of language would have been helpful during high school, but none the less, I figured they were his words. I was most unfortunately advised by family this past Christmas that Shakespeare could have in fact been a front for the ‘real’ author of these tragedies, a nobleman of sorts, for which writing at the time was not a seen as an appropriate hobby. (What rock have I been hiding under???) Shame really. I hear Shakespeare himself was a great producer, but truth be told I never saw his plays!

The crying shame in point here however is the mango. The iconic Australian mango. Continue reading

MUSE: What to do when your biggest fan is also your biggest naysayer?!?

So a change of direction here….

This afternoon I’ve been wondering; what do you do when the person who “should” be your biggest fan just happens to be your biggest naysayer?!?!?

I put “should” in inverted commas because I guess part of my question also needs to address whether this stems from a certain expectation I have on relationships and the role that a partner “should” play, vs looking at the situation from an objective perspective.

I remember reading not too long ago a thoughtful comment relating to the ‘birth’ of our new ideas. This wasn’t in regard to any particular idea but from memory it was related to the conception of new business ideas and inspiration. In any case it explained that not unlike a newborn, a creative spark in its infancy is extremely vulnerable Continue reading

LOVE: Life’s a beach!

So my radical habit forming hit a bump in the road, as many a habit changer has experienced I’m sure!!! But it’s back on the band wagon for me….

As I lengthen my stride to catch up the wheels I’m also thoroughly enjoying the scenery along the way…. We’ve moved house!

To the BEACH!! YAY!!

Ever since I was a little girl enjoying family holidays on the beach of the Gold Coast, I had always told my Mum that one day I would live on the beach in Queensland…. 20-something years later and I’ve only just realised that I’m finally fulfilling my prophecy! And not a moment too soon!! HI MUM!!!  Continue reading

LISTEN: AirLounge Symphony


I’d always wanted to check it out. Never quite badly enough to organise a trip mind you. Perhaps it’s the Sydney girl in me. Maybe now it’s the ‘small town’ girl lovingly avoiding the bigger cities… whatever it is I’m glad I didn’t pass it by completely. Brisbane has been somewhat refreshing, somewhat surprising, and dare I say it, a little bit fun!

As I write this I find myself in the Qantas Lounge at Brisbane airport. I like this way of travelling! Stylish open space, power points everywhere, a entire bank of new iMacs for use, an antipasto bar, coffee stations, a bar serving all kinds of wines and juices, clean bathrooms… Continue reading

MUSE: Tricka Technology…

So I was going to start this post with some new kitchen creations, and then see if I had space remaining to give a few non-culinary updates. I’ve now decided to go the other way around.

So this story begins last night, with losing my phone. My beautiful shiny new Iphone 4. It fell out of my pocket during a large function I was working at; in the dark, in the park. I was in and around an enormous circus tent filled with people, back and forth from a kitchen tent filled with more people, mess, water, food waste, and furniture, and went to the toilet a couple of times too! Great!

Now if it had been a little prepaid budget phone with a few number etc etc maybe (just maybe) it wouldn’t have stung so hard! I have to admit that in a society filled with pressure to be more organised, more connected, more up to date, more in-tune and available 24/7 I for one had succumb Continue reading

TRY: Radical Habit Forming!!

So I started this with good intentions. And then life happened… again. Only this time I was actually going to write about it!!

I thought a lot about writing, there were many instances when I had the best of intentions and even stated that I was going to write this or that in my blog. Restaurants I ate at that were good, even amazing (hopefully I’ll still get to them!), the week I took off and spent playing tour guide to my parents, I even sat at the airport in Perth attempting to reconstruct my very first meeting with my boyfriends family, haphazardly touching the tiny buttons on my iphone with acrylic tips stuck to my little nails. I almost got there too, if it weren’t for Continue reading

A journey of a thousand miles…

So here goes…. (I’m beginning with a single step!)

After much procrastination, consternation and late nights falling asleep in front of the laptop I’ve finally got around to blogging. Finally.

I’m looking forward to sharing the wonderful adventures I find myself on each day, all of the secrets, tips, hints and pearls of wisdom that life has afforded me, and the inspiring beauty that I am surrounded by here in tropical far north Queensland.

I hope you enjoying journeying with me as I traverse the known, the unknown, and all the sensory delights of the great divide in between!