PLANT: Seeding my life.

Well hello!!!

I’m very excited! In my quest to live ever simply, sustainably and in deeper connection with my environment, my needs, and my food I HAVE PLANTED MY FIRST SEEDS! Literally!

I took a trip to Enviro-Mart (which is an incredible treasure trove of everything you could possibly need for inside your home, outside your home, on your body, in your body, and on your bookshelf!!!) to purchase a nice big bag of organic potting mix. I then took myself to Bunnings Warehouse where I perused their garden section for the perfect container to house my little darlings!! I came across some very interesting (and quite perfect I think) pots for planting my seeds, as well as a nice little planter box that will serve as a great ‘house’ for the others til they’re bigger!

These “Jiffy-Pots” are fabulous little critters, they’re made from sphagnum peat moss are 100% biodegradable, are compostable and are listed with OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute). With these fantastic creations I can plant my little miracle workers (seeds) or even seedlings into them, and then when they are big enough and strong enough to play in the big plants section (planter box or garden!) you can put the entire thing in the ground and it will completely break-down saving you shocking the precious root systems! YAY!

So I got to work! Now for my very first seed experience I decided to go all out with my range and see how I faired!

So I started by planting some; tomato, coriander, zucchini, thai chilli, rosemary, rocket, and parsley. Now all these seeds were either ORGANIC or HEIRLOOM stock (apart from the parsley). The parsley was a gift in the mail from Ergon Energy! Included in our “thank you for choosing Green Energy” letter was a packet of “seedsticks“. They’re funky little seed implanted match sticks with a line marker to indicate how far you’re supposed to push them into the ground! Does planting seeds get any easier than that?!?!

That said, you can imagine the surprise of the woman at Ergon when I called to query whether the seeds they were sending out happened to be genetically modified!! HAHA!!!! (I had planted some freebie basil ‘seedsticks’ not long ago and they are coming along very nicely!!)

So I watered in my darlings, sent them lots of love and well-wishes for a comfy sprouting and birthing period and popped them in a nice spot on the balcony that gets dappled sunlight throughout the day, a gentle breeze, and fabulous Pacific Ocean views!

Now we wait……

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