GROW: Spring forth joyously my loves!!


YAY!!! So after about a week (give or take, and forgive me as I’m writing this past tense!!) of tender love and care; and moving my little pots from the shade to the morning sun, and back to the dappled afternoon sun/ shade where there is a gentle breeze…. We have lift off!!!

I am SO impressed with the progress my sweet little darlings are making!!

Check out my baby tomato!!! His little green fingers are stretching for the sky!!! I can already taste the bright red, juicy, ripe fruits that will bear forth from this little divine little creature!!

And my rocket…. WOW!!!!

Spicy, peppery goodness growing up tall!! Oh I’m going to LOVE how these little guys crunch up my salads and invigorate my taste buds with their tongue tingling explosion of freshness!!!

Now I don’t play favourites, no parent does….. but, I’m am so super stoked at how quickly my zucchini has gone from a little budling looking up at me to a free-standing youngster yelling out for attention! Check this baby out, these pics were taken two days apart!! From the 9th to the 11th of October there must have been something in the air…


No kidding huh! I’m such a proud gardener right about now!! So my seeds have been tended on a diet of; deep appreciation (particularly for how delicious they are going to be!!), lots of love, far north Queensland sunshine, gentle Pacific Ocean breezes, and fresh FILTERED water (yes, filtered! If I reuse to pollute my body with chlorine and fluoride why should I pollute the plants that I am ultimately going to ingest?!?!), I did also give them a drink of seaweed! Yep, I used an organic powdered seaweed (Eco-Cweed).

Seaweed is great for the garden for all kinds of reasons, Celtic and Scandinavian farmers have used it for centuries on their crops! I use a powdered version available to buy but it is possible to make your own!

“Seaweed contains complex carbohydrates and these really get the soil humming with life. This has two really important functions for the garden. Firstly, it stimulates the microbial fungi in the soil and these assist plants in their uptake of nutrients. They also assist in defending plants from soil borne diseases. So adding seaweed fertiliser helps crop protection, and plant nutrition.”  Thanks Gardening Australia!

And on that note this happy little green thumb is going for a walk on the beach… all this talk of seaweed is begging for sand beneath my toes!

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