SHOP: Losing my (kitchen appliance) virginity!

I’ve just returned from a fabulous week in Sydney visiting family and close friends and have arrived home ever more inspired on my path of health and happiness!!

Yet for all the good will and motivation I bring to my lifestyle there has been one key element missing of late…… a blender.

I generally try to avoid purchasing anything that is really superfluous to the simple living I am trying to cultivate in my life at present, however this instrument of longevity really is an essential element in my everyday life.


In my adult life thus far, generally any requirement for one kitchen appliance or another has been graciously met by a thoughtful landlord in a furnished rental abode, or I have been lovingly gifted (read: blessed by de-cluttering) with hand-me-downs from a culinary evolved, super savvy, top of the line, tech spec, kitchen-appliance-to-match-my-decor and this one doesn’t fit anymore professional…… thanks Dad!


So I had a conundrum on my hands.

NEED: Blender to whip up my green smoothies, avocado yoghurt, raw soups etc etc

In keeping with my core values I much prefer to recycle and re-use what someone else no longer needs, however, at this time, unfortunately, there are no blenders available on gumtree locally, none in the charity stores I frequent, and I don’t know anyone wanting to de-clutter their kitchen?!?!

So as I walked past Kmart I took the plunge…….

Suffice to say I could choose between cheap ($49) and cheaper ($29). 600W of power, or 500W of power, both with 12 month warranties, both packaged in a ridiculous amount of plastic, polystyrene and cardboard, and immediately my disdain for both reached epic proportions!!

It sounds ridiculous I know, but as I stood there trying to weigh up the pros and cons of each it became apparent that never in my life have I ventured into the territory of purchasing a new kitchen appliance! I have graciously accepted the condition of those gifted to me, yet never set forth to measure up whats available off the shelf!!


Now to be perfectly honest I know what type of blender I want. I would absolutely LOVE to be the proud owner of a VitaMix! That would be blender heaven! There’s nothing those things can’t blend, they last forever, have warranties that outlast most peoples initial enthusiastic smoothie stages….. and they only cost around $850!!

Right now however, my financial priorities are in other areas and I’ll be much happier (and richer) choosing between my friends, ‘cheap’ and ‘cheaper’ here in Kmart!!

After much deliberation on the quality of workmanship, strength of blades, the moving parts and overall use I went with ‘cheap’…. a Kambrook 600W PowerDrive!! Oooohhh! Look at the way the pretty blue lights come on when it’s plugged in!!!!

So now my kitchen bench is adorned with a white plastic, semi-automatic weapon, that shreds my fruit and greens to within an inch of their former glory. (Whilst retaining all their amazing life-giving enzymes and nutrients mind you!!!)

It’s a bit noisy for my liking, it’s also a bit rough (I got goji berry chunks this morning), the motor starts to smell a bit like plastic warming up if you really try to let it puree…… but on the first morning of realigning with my heavenly green smoothie breakfast, and thus with my heavenly clean insides, I reaped the benefits… twice!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!


That makes it all worthwhile in my books!!!!!!

Happy Green Smoothie making, peace and love!


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