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DIY: Sauerkraut

There is more talk and certainly more awareness centred around the importance of probiotics and their absolute necessity to life as we know it these days, and the conversation invariably turns to fermented foods and how these can be incorporated into the diet. (I myself have just finished writing an article for Willow magazine on the importance of probiotic use before, during and after pregnancy).
One of the most well known fermented foods that is making quite a comeback from its traditional beginnings is sauerkraut, and it’s a great starting place for many people as it can easily be incorporated into your meals and works well as a side dish to many foods. It’s also ridiculously easy to make! YAY! Continue reading

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JUICE: A Bitter Side of Sleep…

So this mornings faux pas was an instantly learnt lesson…

My morning routine is evolving (isn’t it always), and lately I’ve been going to bed later, which is unfortuantely leading to a higher than average “SNOOZE” ratio!

I rolled out of bed, narrowly missed hitting the floor, shuffled to the bathroom, smeared on the clay masque I’ve started using in the mornings, and stumbled out to the kitchen. First order of the day, juice! Without taking too much notice I pulled Continue reading

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MAKE: Fresh Frothy Juice!!

MMMMM….. There is nothing quite like it!!

This morning I’m sitting with organic carrot and apple juice!!! YUM!!!! The colour is what gets me! As if the juice itself wasn’t full enough of goodness on its own, I think the VIBRANCY radiating from this glass is streaming in some sacral chakra cleansing too!!!

Just a few of moments ago I thought I may have lost the juicer too, it was looking like it could have been ‘all over red rover’ with a chopping board full of fruit! An incorrectly seated mechanism made a hell of a noise, created a bit of smoke and spat bits of plastic at me… not pretty! But we’re good now! Back in business! PHEW!!

So my kitchen has recently had a major Continue reading

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I think you can tell a lot about a person by the contents of their fridge. I guess that also depends on whether they’ve done the shopping recently or not, but nevertheless when I am in someones home I have a compulsive tendency (and a sometimes insatiable urge) to open and peruse the contents of their food life!!

So on my recent trip to England, and after becoming sufficiently acquainted with my boyfriends beautiful family (which didn’t take very long!!!) I was grateful to be delving into a new world of deliciousness!

I love that there seems to be common staples throughout many kitchens, yet all with regional variations. Continue reading

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SHOP: Losing my (kitchen appliance) virginity!

I’ve just returned from a fabulous week in Sydney visiting family and close friends and have arrived home ever more inspired on my path of health and happiness!!

Yet for all the good will and motivation I bring to my lifestyle there has been one key element missing of late…… a blender.

I generally try to avoid purchasing anything that is really superfluous to the simple living I am trying to cultivate in my life at present, however this instrument of longevity really is an essential element in my everyday life.


In my adult life thus far, generally any requirement for one kitchen appliance or another has been graciously met by a thoughtful landlord in a furnished rental abode, or I have been lovingly gifted (read: blessed by de-cluttering) Continue reading

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CAMP: Take 2 Tinaroo – Predatorial Kookaburras!

So following on from our fabulous couple of days in the Goldsborough Valley, Alex and I headed up to Lake Tinaroo. Also known as Tinaroo Dam, this giant lake was constructed in the 1950’s on the Barron River. The dam traps enough water to create a lake 3/4 of the size of Sydney Harbour and with 200km of shoreline provides a watery playground for sailing, water-skiing, house-boating, swimming, jet skiing, and fishing. The lake is quite famous for its barramundi, and these fish can grow to epic proportions due to a lack of natural predators (other than the occasional speed boat!). A lack of access to salt water however leaves them unable to breed in this environment. To combat this the Walkamin Research Station is responsible for stocking the lake with fresh baby ‘barra’ each year, keeping the fisherman very happy!!

The scenic surrounds provide a beautiful backdrop for hiking, treking and camping, although with constant rain and drizzle Continue reading

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CAMP: Lighter-Less Fires…

By the time I make my way back here, pull up a fresh page, and attempt to digest what will ultimately be spat out onto the crisp white screen, it seems that an eternity has passed, so many adventures have taken place, so meals have been made and the innocence of each of those fresh moments has passed me by. Lost forever to re-interpretation and critical analysis as they appear before me this time around. Humph! Good for the patience this one! Should’ve blogged earlier…

When I last posted I wanted to tell you all about the food I’d been experimenting with, but got lost in the moment Continue reading