Flash Back to last NY

So at the end of each year I go through a pretty amazing ritual of Celebrating and Releasing the year that has been, before embarking on an invocation of all the good stuff for the coming year. (If you’d like to know more about this powerful and proven process of “Creating Your Shining Year” just click here for more info).

During this process I also look back over what was written the previous year; I find this serves as something of a nice way-point or marker, showing me how far I have travelled in pursuit of my dreams, but also reminding me of the things I may not have achieved or accomplished yet, thus giving me the choice of whether to continue pursuing them or to release them to the Universe.

It was in doing this that I came across Continue reading

Lighting up Frustration

Why do I have so much trouble figuring out what to write?

Is it perfectionist tendencies or just excuses? Simmering frustration or eternal procrastination?

I want to educate the world. help people to know their bodies, to know their minds, to feel alive, healthy, vibrant, radiant.

I want people to be more self reliant, I want people to know their power, their strength, to reclaim their greatness and to start behaving like the divine beings that they are. Continue reading

Challenge for a New Year

February…. How did we get here already..?? February. Wow.

So I’m writing from Sydney this time, and am thoroughly enjoying all the moving and shaking I’ve been doing lately. I’m down here for one of my oldest friends weddings this weekend, and even though we’ve reached our 30’s there’s days when I still can’t believe that we’re doing that whole “grown up” stage of life thing! HA! I wonder if we ever really feel like we’ve “grown up”??

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This is a TED talk that I absolutely LOVE! I first saw it a while back and have watched it many times since. It’s one of my favourites, it’s inspiring, it’s life changing, and I hope you feel as moved as I did by watching! Enjoy!

GROW: Lettuce

I think lettuce is very underrated, particularly good, crisp, crunchy, juicy, fresh lettuce. It’s not uncommon to find slightly sad, wilted, or limp lettuce in salads and sandwiches these days, dressed up in the hopes that we wont notice whats hiding beneath and holding up all our nuts, seeds, protein, vegetables and sauce. I’ll even admit to it myself actually, hiding saggy lettuce underneath a diversionary flavour sensation, not intentionally, usually because I didn’t get to it in time. Hmm, it’s not like I forgot there was lettuce in my fridge, but my attempts at making a fresh salad everyday can be thwarted by invitations to lunch or dinner, or there’s been the lure of additional ingredients which have overridden that of my humble lettuce, or my tastebuds have had other ideas all together. Like cake! Continue reading

RELOCATION: Journey to a new home

It’s time for an update… I have been noticeably absent this year as there have been so many changes going on for me and unfortunately I wasn’t making the effort to prioritise my writing. In hindsight it would have been awesome to have been updating you on my travels as they were happening however with the joint power of posting and photography I just might be able to give you a bit of a run down regardless.

First and foremost, I HAVE MOVED!!! I packed my things and took a nice long drive down the East Coast. Mum flew up to Cairns to join me for the drive as she was in the market for a road trip and thankfully there was just enough room for her in the fully loaded Commodore! Continue reading